Joint Motion

Launching a pioneering orthopaedic clinic into the UK market.


Joint Motion


We built a powerful orthopaedic clinic brand from the ground up, from initial planning to a full suite of digital marketing assets.

  • Asset Creation
  • Brand Design
  • Planning

The challenge

Building a medical brand from scratch

Joint Motion brings together some of the country’s most esteemed orthopaedic consultants to offer truly patient-specific care. But delivering that service is one thing. Connecting with three distinct ICPs (Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Insurance Providers and individual patients) That’s a whole different challenge. 

We were brought in during the early phases of the company’s development. They needed help not only building a brand, but understanding how to position it and how to connect with their audience on an emotional level.

The solution

Deeper research, stronger connections

Rather than jumping in with creative ideas, we took things back to basics: who are we appealing to? And what do they really care about? We conducted workshops, in-depth interviews and qualitative and quantitative surveys with the ICPs to understand their fears, frustrations, needs and hopes. This helped us position Joint Motion as a positive change, and preempt resistance to their services.

Such rigorous research formed a solid foundation for the brand. We used the findings to build a brand strategy, a visual identity, a messaging framework and a powerful strapline that connected with the audience’s desires:

The result

A brand people trust to carry them

Our deep engagement with Joint Motion’s audience led to a website and marketing assets which appeal to viewers’ emotional needs while catering to their rational need for information. It clarifies, captivates and inspires action – but we didn’t stop there.

We equipped the client with a detailed, authoritative Brand Book. So they can continue building on our initial work and create a consistent, long-lasting experience that people trust in their greatest moments of need.