YLEM Energy

Accelerating YLEM Energy’s lead generation with modular marketing.


YLEM Energy


We delivered a comprehensive digital marketing overhaul to elevate a leading onsite energy generation company’s brand and generate higher quality leads – in the time most agencies take to plan a project.

  • UX Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

The challenge

To push complex performance drivers at pace

YLEM Energy is a leading onsite energy generation provider with an innovative business model and a strong market position. But their digital presence didn’t reflect that position – and they had no time to waste fixing the problem.

We were tasked with condensing their complex brand proposition and creating a website and digital campaigns that would connect with buyers within energy intensive organisations. Simply delivering leads wasn’t enough though; they need to start seeing results fast.

The solution

A modular approach to digital marketing

Taking our cues from innovative construction practices, we approached building the website with a modular mindset. From wireframing through to design, we developed flexible templates that could be easily changed and replicated across every page. This meant each phase of development got started quicker, and we were able to solicit client feedback early in the process.

By iterating at pace, we were able to deploy stand alone components as soon as they were tested and ready. Not only did that get us from zero to one quicker – it helped us optimise performance and see next-level results in a fraction of the time.

The result

A premium website in just 12 weeks

Our modular approach helped us wireframe, design and build a new website in just 12 weeks. But that wasn’t all: the approach allowed us to deploy campaigns across search and social at the same time as building the site.

We purpose-built new landing pages for a Solar PPC campaign, allowing YLEM Energy to capitalise on a period of high-interest that they otherwise would have missed out on.

“The way NERVE approached the project meant we didn’t lose focus of our key objectives. Creating a landing page and our new solar calculator ahead of the main website launch, meant we could be actively generating potential leads with our Paid Media campaigns, which was key for us at a time of anticipated noise in the market.”

Chris Sharman – Marketing Manager