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The average B2B leader consults data 16 times per day. But most company data being sold is based on Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes – which means it is frequently outdated, incomplete and unreliable when making high-impact business decisions.

Problems with traditional SIC code data collection:

  • Misclassification of industries
  • Changes in business activities not reflected
  • Lack of granularity for certain industries
  • Inconsistencies in code usage
  • Emerging industries not represented
  • Outdated due to technological advancements
We estimate over 28% of all UK businesses are using SIC codes that don’t accurately reflect their current offering.

Prospect Intelligence™ delivers granular data that helps you make better decisions

Using large language models (LLMs) to scan and analyse content from UK-based company websites, the system ensures every piece of data is…

Reliable and accurate 

Companies don’t update their SIC codes –they update their websites. From new product releases to strategic pivots, our data reflects every key change in a business’s trajectory, to ensure you know exactly what you’re dealing with, today.

Relevant and actionable 

We don’t just deliver precise information – we help you rank and prioritise the companies you look at. From finding prospects that match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to searching for specific investment opportunities, our machine learning models sorts through 1,000,000s of companies to find those most relevant to your needs.

User-friendly and accessible

Data is only valuable if you can use it – which is why we emphasise usability. Our intuitive presentation of the information makes it easy to find, analyse and compare the data you need exactly when you need it, with no data science background required.

This enables you to:

Understand emerging sectors 

Most innovative areas of the economy move too fast for SIC codes to tell an accurate story. But Prospect Intelligence™ helps you understand new sub-sectors, access accurate classifications and understand individual companies’ characteristics.

Pattern-match important companies 

From lead generation to market trend analysis, Prospect Intelligence™ helps you find companies that offer similar services or share important features.

Gain a competitive advantage 

Bad data costs organisations 10-30% of their annual revenue, and that doesn’t factor in lost opportunities. Prospect Intelligence™ helps you avoid these costs, capitalise on opportunities and generate more revenue faster.

Our Use Cases:

B2B Lead Generation

Build a robust ICP and scan every company in the UK to find your most promising prospects. Our B2B clients within sales and marketing teams quickly save time, save money and increase prospecting precision to find more high-value deals faster.

Funding and Investment

Locate opportunities before your competitors and gain deeper insight into the history and trajectory of future investments. Our clients in the investment world gain strategic clarity, make more impactful decisions and generate more profit.


  • What is Prospect Intelligence™?

    Prospect Intelligence™ is a cutting-edge platform designed to enhance your sales and marketing efforts by providing comprehensive insights into potential customers. It leverages advanced analytics and data mining techniques to identify, qualify, and enrich leads, ensuring your team has all the information they need to engage with prospects effectively.

  • How can Prospect Intelligence™ improve my sales process?

    Prospect Intelligence™ streamlines your sales process by providing detailed profiles of potential leads, including industry-specific insights, company size, decision-makers’ contact information, and buying signals. This enables your sales team to prioritise high-value prospects and personalise their outreach strategies, significantly improving conversion rates.

  • What kind of data does Prospect Intelligence™ provide on prospects?

    Prospect Intelligence™ offers a wide range of data points to ensure a deep understanding of your potential leads. This includes firmographic information, company details, financial performance indicators, social media activity, company directors or ICP contacts. Such comprehensive insights allow for more targeted and effective sales and marketing campaigns.

  • How does Prospect Intelligence™ ensure the accuracy and privacy of the data collected?

    Prospect Intelligence™ employs stringent data verification processes and adheres to global data privacy regulations to ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of the information provided. We utilise real-time data updates and advanced algorithms to maintain data integrity, while our privacy policies are designed to protect both your company’s and your prospects’ information, ensuring compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection laws.

  • How do I get started with Prospect Intelligence™?

    To learn more about how Prospect Intelligence™ can transform your sales and marketing efforts, you can easily “Book a Meeting” with our experts. Simply click the call-to-action, leave your details and our team will be in touch to provide a personalised walkthrough of our platform and answer any questions you have.

“We have never seen data this good. When we buy data, we fully expect to bin 95% of it given the nature of our proposition. This is the first time in 30 years we’ve kept 95% of it.”

– Kris Sutton, Acumen

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