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At NERVE, we have always championed the power of collective thinking and the unparalleled value it brings to our clients and our team. Today, we are thrilled to share that our CEO, Michael Ward, has joined the esteemed Big Minds Collective for the third year running. This inclusion is not just a nod to Michael’s thought leadership but also heralds a plethora of opportunities for everyone associated with NERVE and the wider MATTER group.

Understanding the Big Minds Collective

Curated by LinkedIn, the Big Minds Collective is an assembly of strategists and senior marketing leaders. They convene for insightful virtual roundtables with luminaries spanning topics from geo-politics to the circular economy. As members, they enjoy exclusive access to pioneering research, insights, and data from LinkedIn. Moreover, we have the unique privilege to co-author thought leadership content, amplifying the essence of innovative thinking to the marketing realm.

The NERVE Advantage

Being a part of the Big Minds Collective is more than title. It highlights the immersion into a community of the industry’s specialists. It is about gleaning insights from experts who consistently redefine boundaries. For NERVE, where we make B2B brands makes sense, we will be able to use our findings to our (and your) advantage:

  1. Direct Access to Thought Leadership: we are poised to tap into ground-breaking ideas and strategies, refining our approach and the bespoke solutions we offer.
  2. Collaborative Horizons: The ethos of the Big Minds Collective is rooted in collaboration. This paves the way for NERVE to synergise with industry frontrunners, crafting solutions that are not just avant-garde but also comprehensive.
  3. Client-Centric Benefits: You are at the heart of this association. Armed with insights from the collective, we are geared to deliver solutions that are not just state-of-the-art but also deeply insightful.

Looking Forward

At NERVE, we are invigorated by the prospects this affiliation unfurls for us and our clientele. We have always believed in the might of collective ideation, and with this newfound alliance, we are set to elevate our offerings, reinforcing our stature as your premier B2B Marketing agency.