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We’d already built Leisure Resorts a sumptuous website. But to ensure their luxury holiday parks achieved the business they deserved, we developed a serious media campaign focused on optimising performance.


Boost in conversions


Reduction in CPA

Over just 8 months, performance on Paid Social saw a 235% INCREASE in conversions whilst simultaneously DECREASING CPA by 41%. And Paid Search saw a 78% increase in conversions whilst reducing CPA by 24.4%.


Various offline campaigns were already running, and we had to map digital onto that, ensuring brand identity was maintained. A constant stream of new creative was required to match the speed at which new deals and offers were generated, so we developed a cross-platform strategy, utilising disruptive imagery and direct copy across numerous different digital formats to create effective, affecting advertising.


It required fulltime micro management to pull this off. From the constant bid adjustment which allowed us to optimise Adwords, to relentlessly A/B testing each variation of creative, attention was given to every detail. We crafted detailed reports every month whilst constantly reviewing performance compared to last week, month and year, and conducting ongoing audience research and segmentation to enhance our accuracy. All of which was mercilessly tracked…

Bespoke Tracking.

We implemented an elaborate targeting technique to pinpoint our demographics in the right place at the right time. This involved developing a bespoke tracking system and following leads throughout the whole process, from the very first click to the final offline purchase, and all phone calls and park visits in-between – even when the purchase was months later.

By doing this, we generated richly detailed data which could be used to both track and refine our strategy and advise the company how best to nudge their customers along.

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