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A global recruitment company with a distinctive, original way of operating is not being rightfully represented by its unremarkable web presence. Fortunately, we know exactly how to give them the upgrade they’re overdue.



Amsterdam to Singapore, San Francisco to Seoul – Mackinnon Bruce had an undeniable record of placing clients in high-flying positions around the world, from innovative tech start-ups to established institutions like Samsung and L’Oréal. Yet they’d begun to feel boxed-in.

Perceived as operating on a regional scale despite 90% of their work being overseas, they required a digital reboot that reflected the genuine scope of their work, communicating both their global reach and the broad spectrum of sectors they recruited for.

Form & Function.

We began by ensuring the page function was smooth and efficient, developing a layout that was easily navigable and straight to the point.



Reactive Search Bar

Clients could see how many jobs were on offer and watch each letter of their keywords narrow down their hunt.


Sleek Page Design

We created a sleek page where Mackinnon could post jobs and clearly categorise them by location and sector.


Accessible CTA

We designed a straightforward but stylish contact form easily accessible from each part of the site.


Now it was time to introduce Mackinnon’s vibrant personality, rebrand them as global operators and set them apart from other recruiters. We began by curating a series of stunning visuals that embodied the scope and scale of Mackinnon’s mission.

Home page.

For the home page, we created an immersive cityscape image which sweeps ambitiously skyward.

Instant Search.

Reduced time to serve results by 92%.

We employed class-leading enterprise-level intelligent instant search and filtering to the jobs board on Mackinnon Bruce, to make their site a step above other recruitment sites. This makes finding exactly the jobs that fit your requirements extremely quick and painless, making the site a joy to use for job hunters.

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